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Shalom rav, grant abundant peace, over Black people,

Your people, our people, forever

Creator of Peace on High

Let peace live within and all around us..

Let our children live in peace.

Growing in homes where negative cycles are broken,

where they are showered with love and nurturing.

Let them go to school in peace.

Learning in classrooms where they are truly seen,

where they are respected and never met with bias or violence.

Let them play in peace.

Enjoying themselves in safe spaces as carefree and happy children,

where they are treasured as the gifts that they are.

Let us love in peace.

Trusting and building relationships with one another with care,

where we can be ourselves and be embraced, wholly and holy.

Let us thrive in peace.

Enjoying lives with no cares but the mundane,

where we are free from want or need, safe and supported.

Let us exist in peace.

Protect us in our comings and goings, in our interactions, in all of our places

wherever they may be.

May we be met with peace in every connection and relationship.

Give us protection from the casual racists and the ones with power,

from the aggressive and the passive-aggressive alike.

May we heal, may we be held, may we hold eachother’s peace with sancity, with sacredness.

May we sing, may we dance, may we rejoice.

May we play, may we eat well, may we affirm all that makes us human, all that makes us divine.

May we remember that we have everything that we need, that we are everything we need. That we are each other’s medicine. We are each other’s magic.

B'chol eit uv'chol shaah bish'lomecha.

In every season and in every hour, let us live with Your peace.

Written by Amadi Lovelace and Jessica Valoris for Juneteenth 2021

We have used this source sheet at Angry Black Shabbat in 2020 and 2021. This source sheet was crafted by Megan P. R. Madison.

Anger Source Sheet
Download PDF • 600KB

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