Existence is Resistance - our feature from the Jewish Liberation Fund

Before Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Jordan spoke with leaders of the Black Jewish Liberation Collective about the power of community for Black Jewish activists, the attention the George Floyd Uprisings brought to Black Jewish Community, and the complexities of discussing Israel Palestine while Black. Check it out here!

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Take a listen to the podcast "On The Nose" by Jewish Currents moderated & hosted by four BJLC folks (Rebecca Pierce, Shoshana Brown, Reuben Telushkin and Anthony Russell). "A number of recent incident

Shalom rav, grant abundant peace, over Black people, Your people, our people, forever Creator of Peace on High Let peace live within and all around us.. Let our children live in peace. Growing in home

We have used this source sheet at Angry Black Shabbat in 2020 and 2021. This source sheet was crafted by Megan P. R. Madison.

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