Being Black & Jewish

"We shouldn't back down in situations when we are challenged about our legitimacy..."

Listen to 4 Black Jews talk about being Black and Jewish on the Village of South Orange New Jersey Black History Month podcast: Our Voices. We are especially loving co-founders Yehudah Webster and Shoshana Brown.

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Shalom Rav for Black Lives

Shalom rav, grant abundant peace, over Black people, Your people, our people, forever Creator of Peace on High Let peace live within and all around us.. Let our children live in peace. Growing in home

Anger: A Source Sheet

We have used this source sheet at Angry Black Shabbat in 2020 and 2021. This source sheet was crafted by Megan P. R. Madison.


As a Black and Jewish person, I experience seasons, holidays, and cultural celebrations in a way that depicts my history, traditions, and spirituality. These intersecting cultures shape my values, per

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