We are a collective of Black Jews based in the United States who amplify our voices and uplift our cultural and political organizing. We do this by creating space for community building and strategizing to support Black people who are working towards liberation and dismantling white supremacist patriarchy, racialized capitalism, and antisemetic violence.

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Welcoming + Supportive Community

We strive to be a warm community that practices collective care and celebrates each other both in our organizing work and personal achievements. Joy, humor, and fun are integral to our work.

Radical Political Identity

Living at the intersection of Black and Jewish informs how we engage in political education, self reflection and organizing efforts. We play an integral role in building culture as a way of engaging folks in holistic political organizing. We will no longer be silenced, ignored or marginalized..

Non-hierarchical Leadership + Accessibility

​We intentionally create spaces where community needs are supported so that everyone can participate. We invite all our members to take on leadership within our community and all members have a voice in decision making. 

Spacious Spirituality

We tap into our spirituality to deepen and make meaning of our organizing and welcome a diversity of spiritual practice.

Centering Collective Liberation

Fannie Lou Hamer z”l says, “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” We embrace this value of erev rav as we build transformative community. 

Totality of Representation

We build relationships and a culture of belonging that  embraces the multiplicity of the Black Jewish experience.

Creativity + Innovation

We create new traditions at the intersections of spirituality and culture that enliven our community and fortify our political movements.



Monthly Meetings

We meet the first Tuesday of every
month at 8pm

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A celebration of light and values

December 26, 2022 6pm EST / 3pm PST

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